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I'm running 1.5.8 on an Asus EEE 1005HA running Windows 7 starter. It took me a bit, but I was finally able to get drivers for the Huawei E220 to work with FrontlineSMS here in Uganda (MTN). Just as reference, the drivers are attached here or can be found here at .

Installation is fairly straight forward, but I think it's worth noting that you should not install any built-in software that goes with it.

Should you need to manually install the drivers
*Unzip the "Windows Driver for(" from the forum post above and remember where you put the files.
*Plug in the E220 modem, do not install any built-in software.
*Open Windows Device Manager (from control panel, or right click on my computer and click Manage then locate Device manager)
*Locate the two Data Interfaces (likely expanded and visible due to failed installation)
*Right click on each individually click "Update Driver Software" and follow the following for both.
**Within the Wizard, "Browse my computer for drivers software"and browse to the location you unzipped in the first step, and select the "Win 7" sub-directory.
**Click Next and allow the software to install the drivers.
**Repeat for the second data interface.

Open FrontlineSMS, and let the software auto-detect the modem. You should be ready to go.


P.S. I might note if anyone is paying attention, that on a Netbook like the Asus EEE 1005HA, the Home screen in FrontlineSMS cuts off the send button due to the FrontlineSMS logo taking up most of the left column real estate.

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Hi Rich

Thanks for this! Great to see you've managed to get this running. As you correctly state - and this is in the Help files - all other utilities which access the modem need to be closed down, else they lock the port. On your final point about the screen, the next version (1.6) allows you to remove the Home \o/ logo, making more room available and bringing back all of the buttons and functionality. We *hope* to release 1.6 later this month once testing is complete.

Cheers, and best of luck!

Hi Rich,

Quick question: why did you opt for Win 7 rather than Ubuntu on the Asus?
Primarily because it was already installed and I needed to test the new windows. It also has some to do with the fact that my Dell Latitude has Ubuntu Hardy on it (so most of my scripting/coding is done on that) and I hadn't gotten around to converting the Asus eee to a dual booter yet.
I'm running 1.6.16 on an Acer AspireOne with Windows XP. Ran through the steps but its still not working. Could it be that the Maxis software that was bundled onto the hardware is interfering or blocking port 6? If so, should I wipe the software and has anyone done this? Otherwise, can I get it up and running by tweaking the manual settings, and if so, what might they be. Thanks!!

Hi Mark


Which phone/modem are you using here? Or is there one built into the laptop?



I am having trouble with a Huawei E1800 on a Windows 7 machine. I have used this same modem on XP successfully , but had to run the Mobile Partner software that comes with the modem for internet connection.

On the W7 machine I had no luck. I tried installing the above drivers, but some problems were reported by w7 (saying that the driver install software was not properly installed). All the same no luck.

Is there any advice on how to troubleshoot these problems?


Hi George


Is there a dedicated E1800 driver for Windows 7? I know when Vista came out most manufacturers had to issue new drivers. Have you checked with Huawei?



Hi Ken,


Yes I have checked. There is a "client software" which I did not try. However I do not think it is a driver problem because actually the modem works for internet connection. The software that comes with the modem sees it and works with it. The problem is that FLSMS cant see it, or actually it does detect a modem and tries different speeds but cannot connect to it. 

I saw a post from Andrew saying to make sure that no other software is locking the port (I think that was related to a Mac). However in the past I have always used FLSMS together with the software that comes with these modems used for internet connection. All I do is make sure it is not connected to the internet and set the option to store SMS messages on the SIM card.


I was wondering if anyone encountered this before and how to troubleshoot.

The drivers I see on the Huawei site are not the kind of drivers that I am used to (.inf files etc).


Hi George


Just wondering how you were getting on here? Although I know you say you've left the software which comes with the modem running in the past, it does sound as though it's locking the port. Have you tried shutting every other program down that accesses the modem, and then starting FrontlineSMS? Also, is there PIN protection on the modem or the SIM you're using? If there is, that will halt FrontlineSMS as it tries to connect. If there is a PIN you'll need to remove it, either through the modem software or by putting it into a regular phone.


Let me know if you resolve this!





Hi Ken. We never found out what the problem was. We installed on another computer with Vista and its working.

Thanks anyway!


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