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Hello ALL,

I have tried unsuccessfully to get MTN Cameroon offer me a free bundle as part of their corporate social Responsibility.


Does any one here have similar challenges with their network, and can you share your experience how you turned this challenge into a possibility?


I will be glad to know.


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Try their competitors! Or are they the only service providers there?

MTN Cameroon sub-contracting some of these services, I work with a partner to integrate MTN MTN as a supplier to Frontline SMS for this purpose. Maybe you could tell me exactly what you need, I can integrate it into the work we do. On the other hand I also work with the World Bank for the implementation of an SMS solution that will balance the market price. So if I Thee bit of help...




Hello Brice,

I have been using SMS to connect farmers to markets under the canopy of my organization (AMIS-CAMEROON). In February to March 2011 I contacted MTN with a project for a wider outreach to farmers and requested free bulk SMS and even provided a marketing strategy that would be profitable for MTN in terms of Volume that I would bring to their network. MTN Cameroon wanted me to buy, and pay upfront all outbound SMS that I needed for deploying this service, and as a non-funded organization, this was impossible. I have tried getting the Delegation of Agriculture to help me impress upon MTN  leadership about the work I do, but since they are not knowledgeable about the Technology, and more importantly dont care about the farmers, they take no interest.


Brice you can reply to me in French if you want, and I will be very interested in keeping our communication going.


Right now I have am in the process of completing a robust system to integrate unto FRONTLINE SMS, and it would be usesless if I dont get MTN to give me the Freebulk SMS. 

What suprises me is that MTN gives out 16.000,000 free Beep Me daily that doesnt necessarily give them any ROI, but they will refuse to give me just 100,000 free SMS daily to deploy my Services in Cmeroon. 

You can find out more about what I do at

Merci de m'avoir repondu Brice.

Tambe Harry


Certified Social Entrepreneur. University of the Pacific Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Thanks for replying.

Their competitors are same...they all believe in money and not social causes.That is why I asked for experiences from other Countries, from Social Entrepreneurs who finally succeeded in getting these Telecoms uphold their end of Corporate Social Responsibility which means GIVING BACK TO INDIGENOUS POPULATIONS as an appreciation for making your business grow into what it is.


Greetings to my Kenyan friends...they are doing very good Social Work

Hi Tambe,

Il sera très difficile que MTN vous offre des SMS gratuits, avec Clikcatel le SMS coute environ 25 frs CFA, on cherche des solutions moins couteuses.

Il te faudra absolument de l'argent pour ton projet non seulement pour alimenter ton projet en SMS mais aussi pour communiquer dessus. Car si une grande majorité des agriculteurs ne l'utilisent pas ton système est inefficace.

Néamoins le fait que la Banque Mondiale réfléchit déjà à la question est une bonne chose il pourrait te soutenir dans cette perspective.

Je t'envois mes coordonnées dans ta boite e-mail.


Jean Brice.


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