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As part of my project we want to take rid of the middle men (who gets
100% profit) between the farmer
and the retailer.we can do this by providing the market prices to the
farmers but the problem in this is that
the farmer sends his goods and then only he knows about the prize,that
info is not sufficient for a farmer so
in my project i want to use frontlinesms tool where the farmer and
retailer can have straight contact details,
then have to integrate it with the web to fetch details and send to
the farmer is is possible with flsms ,is this
option thier on flsms.





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hi paul,

sorry for the late reply i was strucked with my exams and stuffs,ican surely do this for you ,but first you have to create a website with the databases which you want ,create a sample layout of all the pages you want,for what purpose are you goin to work on this project,if its for ngo then ill help you guys,because one of my friend is creating websites for all the ngo's at very low cost or else you create the website and send me the link i can surely connect it with frontline sms.
Thanks for your reply, the kind of help i need is on the external commands. and intergration of external databases. for instance, a farmer wants to know the price of a particular commodity in various regions or markets. he/she sends a message to a particular number e.g MAIZE to 4545 and recieves an autoreply SMS with the details in all the markets. Now where am stuck is in intergrating a database e'g that of Ms Access with FLSMS. also configuring it in a way that price databases are updated through SMS i.e commodity prices are sent to FLSMS via text and automatically stored in relevant databases by individuals stationed in various parts of the country and only current prices or details are fetched from the databases are sent to the farmers. is taht too much to ask? pliz help me to help the innocent farmers from the bondage of exploitation. thanks in advance. i prefer email. my email is:

Hello Paul,

You raised a very important issue. I am a social entrepreneur just like you in the domain of e-agriculture. I think we need the cooperation of nice persons like Madan to help us with the technical problems you raised.


Let's keep in touch on this forum.


Hello Madan, I have the same kind of problem that Paul raised. I have an NGO that provides Marketing information for farmers in Cameroon, and I will appreciate help that enables me fully automate and integrate  the processes  on my website .If this is done, then farmers can simply get the prices for commodities by texting a query for a particular product. I will like that we communicate about this further via email, so that I can send you details of my website so that you help me link it to FLSMS. If you have twitter, you can just open Request to follow me and I shall send you my email information. I shall be very grateful to read from you. you can also reply and give me your twitter link so that I send a follow you request.


Thanks in advance.

Tambe harry

hi paul,


i have not tried with ms access,i have used mysql database to store aLL the info. IF U WANT ANY HELP I CAN HELP YOU OUT.





Thanks for the reply,i have a mysql database with the information but where the hurdle is is retrieving information from the database via frontline SMS, as i had described earlier,i am not good at PHP perhaps that why i havent been able to configure it.could you please share

your scripts with me or show a sample on retrieving price information from the database then sending it back to the sender.for example,my database is named 'PRICES' and the table with price information is 'COMMODITIES'.Please could you direct on how to proceed.

thanks in advance.

Hi Madan, which mobile phone or modem (model no.) are you using for this project? thanks Suresh

hi suresh,


i used sony ericson w302.




hi paul,


do you have your website,if so jus send me the link so that i can have a look at it.




hi madan thanks for the reply, currently i am designing the website and will be able to publish it soon. I tried to use xamp server to trigger the http trigger via FLSMS but it doesnt retrieve the information in the database instead it sends back a parse error. i.e. i copied the URL(http://localhost/market.php) of the php script to FLSMS external commands,to call the php script saved in the' xamp/htdocs',but on sending an SMS with the assigned keyword, it sends me a parse error.(http://localhost/market.php/http://localhost/market.php/http://localhost/market.php/) what might be the problem with the script. i have attached the script please look at it and help edit it if possible. Thanks in advance.

Hello madan,

    I am Chandan, doing my final year engineering in Bangalore, India. I have a very similar project as of yours , but te application area is different. I request you to help me in this regard. Can u mail me ur phone number or email id to

So that i can mail u the exact details along with diagrams which can give u a better understanding.

I will be really looking forward for ur reply.


Thank you




Will help you surely man,im in the process of completing two more projects for non government organisations ,






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