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As part of my project we want to take rid of the middle men (who gets
100% profit) between the farmer
and the retailer.we can do this by providing the market prices to the
farmers but the problem in this is that
the farmer sends his goods and then only he knows about the prize,that
info is not sufficient for a farmer so
in my project i want to use frontlinesms tool where the farmer and
retailer can have straight contact details,
then have to integrate it with the web to fetch details and send to
the farmer is is possible with flsms ,is this
option thier on flsms.





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hi suresh,


i used sony ericson w302.




Hello madan,

    I am Chandan, doing my final year engineering in Bangalore, India. I have a very similar project as of yours , but te application area is different. I request you to help me in this regard. Can u mail me ur phone number or email id to

So that i can mail u the exact details along with diagrams which can give u a better understanding.

I will be really looking forward for ur reply.


Thank you




Will help you surely man,im in the process of completing two more projects for non government organisations ,





Hi madan,

I am trying to do something similar to what Paul is trying to do. Would you please guide me how to go about doing this.

Presently, I am just trying to setup FLSMS on my computer.

I have Eclipse downloaded, tried to install Maven(Do I really require Maven and other plug-ins like m2 eclipse etc?) but it dint really get integrated with eclipse. I tried to get the Frontlinesms super project from "" but the core and dist folders are empty.

It would be great if you helped me get started. Any suggestion from anyone would be greatly appreciated!!!

You could email me at



hi swati,


inorder to set up flsms why do you need eclipse ,its for developer purpose only

i can help you surely in your project which is more similar to what i did,

you can contact me at or ill be available always to check

flsms ning.


Thanks for the reply.

I need the developer version of this madan, I am going to make a few changes in the code to match my requirements. If you dont mind me asking, did you work with the developer version of flsms?



Hi Madan.

I have in Brazil a similar project to his. I am Co-funder of startup We have done a pilot project trying minimize the middleman's impacts, but we did not have very success desired. Now, we want, in a first step, send relevance information about market and technical production to familiar farmers through FrontlineSMS, in a second step, receive information from farmers about production, harvest and problems of production. How is the project agro currently? How was your experience? Thanks

Hi Madan,

I find the idea of an e market for farmers quite interesting.  Is it possible to post a link to the site on here.





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