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We at East seme community resource center believed in the Saying ''You can't teach old dogs new tricks'' hence to start teaching,sensitizing and win youths support and engaging them in environment conservation at earlier time as possible.This has seen us achieving our mission and goals.
What do other say???

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Another saying is"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." And that means at any age. Only thing is, the older the horse gets, the harder it is to lead it to water.
-Ray Broersma
The children learning computer and touching them for first time during their lives through East seme community digital resource center which is situated in 30km away from kisumu a dusty nyaguda market .However, the center is challenged from internet access for these children change programmes with other children from other areas.
Dear Daniel Ochwal,
I reply to you again, somewhat differently. My group is concerned with the the role of insects in nature conservation and management. Most of these people who study insects and conservation are at least 50 years old. And it is quite difficult for that group to learn new tricks. I have received criticism about my use of Ushahidi and FrontlineSMS that it is meant for the next generation. Only that next generation of entomologists (those who study insects) does not yet exist. So I have a problem similar to yours.
-Raymond Broersma

Hi Dan, I beleve that is a very unhelpful saying. It should be "You can't teach a closed mind new tricks".
Age has nothing to do with it, attitude and education are everything. If you really believe that saying, I think that you are in danger of going down a path of saying "old people have no further value to society" at some stage. That is very dangerous. It means that you believe that even these young people you are enthusiastically training now, will get to an age when they won't want to learn anything new and will become "useless". Obviously it is good to engage people in conservation (and other areas) at a young age, but the most important thing to teach them is to have open minds and to develop a love for knowledge and education. Then they can join all the other "Old Dogs" like me who love to learn new tricks ;)
Cheers, John

We have something similar in Vanuatu Dan, we use Ncomputing thin-client technology so a single PC can have several users at the same time. Internet access is always a problem, especially as so many organisations (including Donors and AID agencies) nowadays seem to think everyone has high-speed internet access 24/7 ;)

Yes John, you are right and i have similar opinion either, My angle of argument was to be sure of tomorrow in matter of climate change issue which has been a challenge to us all, both youths and the old alike. The youths make 65% of current population, are available, easy to adopt new tricks, will probably live longer than us. However, i will consider using the proverb where is necessary as we are taking of humans not dogs. John,human are amazing creatures,they can learn new trick till the last day.

I didn't mean to offend .


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