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I was inspired to start thinking about taglines for FrontlineSMS:Learn earlier today when I found myself trying to figure out how to succinctly describe the reasons for developing it (see Why build FrontlineSMS:Learn for more background). And I thought it would be fun to brainstorm ideas & see what folks could come up with! :) Here's what I have:

FrontlineSMS:Learn - because learning shouldn't be confined to the classroom

What do you think? And what other tagline ideas do you have?

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If you look from a school attendance persepective

FrontlineSMS:Learn - Truancy leads to dropout, dropout leads to unemployment, unemployment leads to crime
Here's two from FrontlineSMS:HQ...

FrontlineSMS:Learn - "Because learning is mobile" (or "Making learning mobile")

FrontlineSMS:Learn - "Because books are big" (that one is from Alex)


becasue books are big....very good!
Because the whole world is a classroom.
Ha! That one made me laugh, too :) Then again, not necessarily looking to replace traditional learning methods. Maybe...
Very nice!
Hmmm... Kinda esoteric or overly academic, but inspired by my response to the Alex's books:

FrontlineSMS:Learn - Re-Placing Learning

Not necessarily doing away w/anything but rearranging & putting everything in it's proper place.
Hahaha. I actually like Because books are big and Re-Placing Learning, too.
In Swahili, "Dunia ni darasa."
My vote "Making learning mobile"


FrontlineSMS:Learn - Taking learning beyond the classroom
FrontlineSMS:Learn "You don't need a smartphone to be smart"

FrontlineSMS:Learn "You could learn a lot from your handphone"

what fun!
I like "don't need a smartphone to be smart"! :)


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