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We've started testing out the Beta of FrontLineSMS:Learn. Overall, we think it's a great program with the exact functionality we need.
However, we've found some bugs that are precluding us from using the software. Basically, messages scheduled to be sent once seem to be fine, but messages scheduled to be sent repeatedly (for instance, once/day for three days) end up being sent 15-20 times in the first few hours (Until I manually cancel the message). A colleague reports receiving replies multiple times as well (although I haven't experienced this).


Can anyone help?


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Thanks so much Nina! I've pointed this out to our dev team and they're going to have a look at it this week.

Hi Nina

Apologies for the delay in replying. Our developers have been looking at this problem and so far, can't replicate the bug. We are wondering if you could run the system in the same way and if/when the problem recurs, immediately send us your log files? This will help us to see what is happening here.

We are anticipating that the system may behave in odd ways on restart, which is something we'll need to address, and particularly if messages are due to be sent out during a time when the application is not running. Did you restart the programme around the time problems happened?

Apologies again for the delay - supporting a beta product is always hard, and we've just launched version 2 which has occupied a lot of our developers' time. I hope this issue hasn't caused you too much trouble.

Best wishes



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