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hey guys,this group sounds exciting, what exactly in education are you doing with frontlineSMS?, before i get it all wrong, am a student in computing interested in FS :)

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Hello, Linnet.

Have you read through the discussion on FrontlineSMS:Learn in this Education group? The various posts will give you a good idea of how people are envisioning the use of FrontlineSMS in education and training. And we'd love to have your input on what you think would be good applications of the software!

Unfortunately, I'm not so sure that there are a lot of concrete examples of FrontlineSMS being used in higher education. I think sectors like Health, Agriculture & other areas have seen more activity. But I'm hopeful that this will change soon.
Hey James, students do alot of end of year projects that eventually become helpful to the community in one way or another, most of them end up developing SMS applications from scratch hence reinventing the wheel before they can actually incorporate this into there project while FrontlineSMS offers a simpler solution. so i was thinking if awareness on FS is done in institutions of higher learning, very community based projects not just in agriculture and health are likely to come up, well thats how i see it :)
i am actually using frontlineSMS in my final year project
Well, Linnet, we all look forward to hearing about the success of your final year project! And we appreciate your advocating for the use of FrontlineSMS in education :)
Hey James, My project went very well thanks now am done with it and i have been able to do a few simple projects with frontlineSMS out of school. Its amazing that the other ex students are now interested in FS so i have been spreading the word. Do you have any particular way that you are looking at implementing frontlineSMS:Learn, would be great to hear about it :)


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