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Hi, I'm testing FrontlineSMS:Learn to teach quiz drivers about traffic rules in my country. I find it a great fit.

I've tested it for several days. I created a topic with two reinforcements and two questions. I deleted the reinforcements and then created new reinforcements again (testing out stuff). I then scheduled a lesson with the reinforcements to be sent at 4:20pm and 4:30pm daily during 3 days starting yesterday. I also scheduled the questions to be sent at 4:40pm and 4:50pm

The reinfocements and questions were sent at the correct times. However I got the reinforcements again at 9:20pm and 9:30pm. This is a surprise since I have not scheduled anything for that time of the night. I thought it was a one time thing, but it has repeated today. I looked in the application to see if I have duplicated the reinforcements but I haven't. So it's strange that it behaves this way.

Do you have any thoughts? I'm attaching the message log for you to look at it.

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An update to the learn software has been posted on the frontlinesms website. The new build resolves the scheduling issues you have been having. The file name is : FrontlineSMS_Learn_windows_1_0_0-b4.exe

thanks! I'll give it a try


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