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Hi all,


FrontlineSMS has a strong and buzzing user base in Kenya, and I have already heard a few different users mention that they are thinking of using of FrontlineSMS in the Kenyan elections in 2012. Therefore I wanted to start this forum discussion to provide people with a place to share and potentially coordinate ideas, efforts, plans, and actions for using FrontlineSMS in this way.


There is a wealth of knowledge in the FrontlineSMS user community and it will be great if all those considering using FrontlineSMS for monitoring Kenyan elections in 2012 could inform and support each other! 


So please use this discussion to share your plans for Kenyan elections 2012!




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Hi Joseph,

Happy to change the time/ day to after Thursday; this will give time to reach out and invite others who may be using FrontlineSMS in Kenya 2012 elections but may not be on the forum.

Feel free to suggest a time after Thursday which will suit you, and we can see if it will work for others.




Sure. Lets get what others think and probably by this Tuesday we'll have a day. Am sure though, isn't a bad time for us here in Kenya. 



Hi all,

An update on this: We have now decided to schedule this call in late February. Please feel free to reply to this discussion thread, or contact me directly at florence[at]frontlinesms[dot]com if you're interested in joining the call. More details to follow.



Hi all,

Just to update this discussion thread, we recently had a call on planned FrontlineSMS use in the Kenyan elections and reported on the discussion here on our blog. In follow up, we will also be hosting an informal user meet-up in our Nairobi offices, which you can find out more about here on the forum. Please let us know if you're interested by replying to the forum thread or emailing us via info[at]frontlinesms[dot]com.

Thanks everyone! \o/


Is there a web-based version of this software or if its possible to maintain a 100% uptime without the need to have my laptop powered up 24/7 ?




At present there isn't a web-based version of FrontlineSMS and so you need to have the software on in order to send and receive messages. We would advise regularly re-booting your system if you do plan to have it on all the time.

Please let us know if you have any further questions on this, or any other aspects of using the software. It will be great to stay in touch; it looks like you are planning some very valuable work monitoring the Papua New Guinea National Elections.




Please get in touch with me. I'd like to meet with you to discuss a possible collaboration between your project and mine: I have six journalists who are looking to connect with interesting projects like the Nyanza Crowdmap. Cheers, Nick


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