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automated information storage of election results using Frontline SMS?

We are currently working on a strategy for election monitoring in Cambodia.
Considering to work with Frontline SMS I am was wondering if it is possible to automatically store the incoming SMS information / voter reports in a database for further analysis by the monitoring organisation.
Does anyone know if this is technically possible or has worked like that already?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Hi Kersti,
As you could have already read from other posts in this forum, FrontlineSMS allows to receive an SMS, pass it to a program with the sender number and wait a response from the program to send back to the sender, informing him/her if the storing operation was succesfull or not.
So, it possible to "automatically" store the results into a data base, but you need a programmer to do it.

Hey Antonio,

Thanks for your reply. I know how the general procedure works. I think I was not too clear with my question. The issue is that we will work with a coding system for the polling reports which would have to be translated in the database, basically decoded in order to be analysed. Was just wondering if anyone might have used Frontline for same.



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