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Hi all,

The recent user meet-up held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, was very useful for all who went along (as FrontlineSMS user Sophie points out here). The group will therefore be holding a follow-up meeting, to continue to share knowledge and experiences about using FrontlineSMS in Cambodia. And if possible they'd love other users to join, too! 

The next meeting will be on 30th April at 2pm local time in Pact's Office (3rd Floor, Building A, Phnom Penh Center, Corner of Sothearos and Sihanouk Boulevards, PP). 

If you need any further information feel free to ask. Please reply to this discussion thread/ get in touch if you plan to go along, to help the organisers stay in touch with you about the meet-up.

Thanks! \o/


PS If you're not able to go to a meet-up in Phnom Penh, but would like to start a meet-up in your own area then please feel free to start a discussion in our Meet-Ups and Regional Networks group, or email florence[at]frontlinesms[dot]com for further info.

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Hi Flo,

I work as the Community Liaison Manager for a humanitarian mine action organisation called MAG.  I am not able to make the meet-up as will be conducting training at that time up in Battambang.  It's a shame as I am looking to develop a risk reduction strategy based on use of this technology but I am a first time user so would really appreciate the guidance of others' experience.

I wonder if any one of the past attendees might be able to meet me on Thurs/Fri  22/23 March to discuss their experiences using FrontlineSMS in Cambodia?

If not, I will try to await the next meet-up patiently!



Hi Luke,

Thanks for getting in touch. Its great to hear about your interest in using FrontlineSMS and attending the meet-ups. I'll check with those involved in organising this meet-up to see if they're able to meet with you on dates suggested and/ or share lessons learned here on the forum. (If anyone attending the meet-ups reads this thread and is able to help Luke please feel free to reply directly!).

Meanwhile, Luke, if you have any specific questions relating to getting started please feel free to search around the forum, check our FAQ, and post a new discussion on the forum, if needed. We're always happy to help!



Hey Sophie,

Thanks for the reply.  I have no real experience with Filemaker but I have played about making forms etc. I know a bit about GIS and databases too so hoping it won't be too much of a steep learning curve.

I would definitely like to meet up on that day.  Can you email my work address: with times for when you would be available and we'll see what works.



Gidday Flo

I am interested in coming along to the meet-up. I had used Frontline SMS in Mongolia an am looking to implement it here. I am with FEBCambodia.


Hi Larry,

Thanks for your interest in the meet-up and apologies for my delay in replying here. Did you go along to the meet-up this week in the end? If not, I'm sure there will be other meetings in future too. The meet-ups are organised by various FrontlineSMS users in Cambodia, including Sophie Baron and Amanda Bradley, who you can try reaching out to directly here on the forum if you'd like to find out more.

Do let me know if we can be of further help, and please do keep us updated on how you get along with the meet-ups and with FrontlineSMS software! \o/



Hi all, 

It was fantastic to hear that the FrontlineSMS user meet-up in Phnom Penh went well last week! \o/ I just wanted to share some brief notes from the meet-up with the community here, for all those who were unable to make it this time but may want to go along in future.

This meet-up was the 2nd user meet-up held in Phnom Penh, and it went ahead on 30 April 2012, at PACT's offices (as outlined above). Participants included the following:

Julien Brewster (PACT), Seng Sophal (PACT), Channe Suy (InSTEDD), Pengby Ngor (Malaria Consortium), Sophie Baron (Institut Pasteur du Cambodge/CIRAD), Srey Vutha (East West Management Institute), Allie Hoffman (Pari Project).

During the meet-up there were a range of presentations as follows:

-          Julien Brewster presented on the REDD project, discussing how FrontlineSMS has been used by patrols in the forest. He covered the benefits and challenges of using FrontlineSMS for this project. (Read more about this use case on our blog).

-         Sophie Baron presented how FrontlineSMS is helping with monitoring animal mortality and animal diseases in Cambodia, and shared outcomes since the start of this project. (Read more about this use case on our blog).

-         Pengby Ngor presented on how FrontlineSMS software is being used to help with monitoring malaria cases in Cambodia. (Read more about this use case on our blog).

-          Channe Suy presented on a new resource map tool designed by InSTEDD (which provides an SMS reporting tool with mapping and data available via internet).

Its great to see the Cambodia-based FrontlineSMS user community continue to connect to share experiences and learning! Thank you to Sophie Baron for sharing the above meeting notes with me, thanks to Pact for hosting the meeting, and thanks to all of the attendees for going along! If you're interested in joining future meet-ups in Phnom Penh please feel free to reply to this discussion thread to let others in the group know.

This is one of a growing trend of FrontlineSMS user meet-ups, and you can read more about this on our blog here. If you aren't based in Cambodia but would like to start a user meet-up in where you are based why not suggest it to the user community by starting a discussion in the Meet-ups group today?

Thanks \o/



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