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Hi all,

After the recent success of FrontlineSMS user meet-up in Haiti our wonderful FrontlineSMS Hero Tom Marentette is hoping to arrange the next user meet-up in Kampala, Uganda on the 7th January.

This meet-up could provide a valuable opportunity to connect and share learning with users and potential users of FrontlineSMS, as well as those more broadly interested in the use of mobile for social change. If you are interested and able to attend the meet-up in Kampala on 7th Jan please reply to this discussion/ let us know! There is already some interest, but Tom will need to get a clearer idea of numbers before confirming this meet-up is going ahead and giving further information on time/ venue etc.

Thanks! \o/


FrontlineSMS Community Support Coordinator

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Great news ! I'm not in K'la for the moment but I'll be there in March and really interested by a follow up on this meeting. Keep us posted !


Hi Florence,

Thank you for your reply! Its a shame you won't be around this time, but will be sure to keep you posted!


Flo =)

Hi everyone,

So far it looks like we have a great deal of interest here for the FrontlineSMS/M4D meetup in Kampala on 7 January. I'm planning on an informal luncheon at a restaurant somewhere near the Hotel Triangle. We may have room for 15, but that depends on the location. BTW - you are on the hook to pay for your own lunch :-) sorry.

If you are interested, please email me directly at tmarente (at) gmail (dot) com. I'm traveling at the moment, and still pulling this together, thanks. Once I have your info, I will contact you directly with details.


Hi all,

Just to update you on this - as Tom says above, there's been lots of interest for this meetup in Kampala on 7 January. Tom is finalising the time / venue for this informal lunch now, and there will be limited spaces. If you are interested in attending the lunch you need to email Tom directly at tmarente (at) gmail (dot) com to let him know, and he will let you know if there are spaces left, and provide further details.



Great.i am in kampala and ready to attend.Just let me know when and where and what is needed.


Hi Geoffrey,

Great to hear you'd like to attend this meet-up. As outlined above, due to limited spaces you will need to email Tom directly at tmarente (at) gmail (dot) com to confirm attendance, and he will then send on further information on time and location of the meeting if there are spaces still available.

I hope this is ok. Thanks for your interest!



Hi all,

Here's a photo from this weekend's successful FrontlineSMS / m4d meet-up:

Thanks to everyone who went along to share and connect! Huge thanks especially to Tom Marentette, FrontlineSMS Hero who organised this meet-up. \o/

I hope this helps to inspire others to hold their own FrontlineSMS meet-ups, too! Please feel free to use the meet-ups group to connect with others using FrontlineSMS in your area. If anyone would like me to help support them in organising a meet-up please do feel free to get in touch.



It was quite an inspiration.I think if we organise these frequently,we can make a break through in M4D.Many people have ideas but do not know whom to connect with to make those ideas a reality.

Geoffrey, am glad that we are both Ugandans, unfortunately, I did not know about this on time in fact am just learning about it now. Please we need to champion this technology in our respective areas.


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