FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

There are lots of external software applications that can be integrated to work with FrontlineSMS, including Ushahidi and Twitter, and databases such as Salesforce and MS Access. The FrontlineSMS team is keen to understand which applications are most popular amongst our users. So it would be really helpful if you could share examples here of the applications you use, and how you use them.



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Mostly own code, either triggered by FLSMS (or others, I sleep around when it comes to SMS gateways), or submitting messages to FLSMS to send out.

I've integrated it with Twitter via oAuth, and from there to FB (mostly for the visuals, but people seem to like it).

I think it worth mentioning that since the backend is MySQL, applications may be feeding from, and writing to the FLSMS DB directly (a kind of poor man's API, I guess).



Thanks so much for your input, Pablo! Really valuable.


If any other FrontlineSMS users want to share and compare your own experiences using FrontlineSMS with external apps then please do!




We have developed a SMS interface to the mProved m&e system. Being able to extend the reach of the tools via simple sms is invaluable in reaching far-flung places. We use FLSMS to receive messages to keep costs to a local rate. When a message arrives, FLSMS forwards that directly to our servers for processing.

We use sms to collect form or questionnaire data, collect text-based feedback or stories of change and provide search and reporting functions for field workers. Stories are qualitative evidence of impact and are collected and analysed by mProved. It is also important to keep field workers in touch with their progress, so we provide simple reports on progress and database search functions.

Our ideas and thinking grows daily on how we can use mobile technology to reach out, so we have created a blog at

Greetings! I suggest you make a section for users who have developed applications to place them with the downloadable files for which we have no programming knowledge ...

Great idea, Juan! We'll take a look at doing that.




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