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Hello Sarah:

Thanks for the add to skype. Sure we can meet online anytime soon.

The time log is also a question I asked when I began using the software. Its a "rare bug" that needs to be fixed by the developers. Its was annotated and maybe be fixed in the new release.

Where are you conducting your studies. I work en Morón west zone Buenos Aires.

Be well :)


Hi Domingo,

We are conducting study in Cetrangolo.  Trying to figure out how to disable the autorun feature like you recommended for the modem.  I have found that if the computer is not on and a patient has sent a message early that when starting up computer->modem->FrontlineSMS message goes to modem only and does not appears in FrontlineSMS consistently.  Have one patient recently that states has sent texts and we have not received them either in modem or Frontline platform.  Little glitches we are trying to work out.  



Hello Sarah:

We are really close . I live like 15 mins from Cetrangolo Hospital. We can meet.

I found an application that disables windows autorun from pendrives and Windows O.S The autorun feature is an open door for virus and worms

With that software my PC works without autorun. Its from the AV Company Panda Security so its a safe program to run on your PC.

Hope this helps




Would be great to meet up and discuss issues/projects. 

Another glitch that I am finding is that the Modem Inbox fills up (stores a max of 35) and messages are no longer received.  You can send out messages but not receive (have trialed with study phone).  Plus there is no notification that this is the problem.  I just happened to notice 35/35 when FrontlineSMS was not receiving my trial texts.  When you disable the Autorun I assume you do not have this problem?

Look forward to meeting



Hello Sarah:

We had a Skype meeting with Andrea that went well :)

Did you find the attached USB Vaccine Software?  I don't have that problem with the Huawei E173 modem. The inbox has more capacity.

You get lots of propaganda text messages from the providers here, so I don't clean it out often (just the few that sneak into FrontlineSMS)

'll be back to Buenos Aires next week

Let me know which morning you are at the Hospital.

Best regards



I am at hospital Mon-Fri so could meet at any time after 1 or so.  I had not seen the attachment previously so thank you for pointing it out. I was able to download and will try.  Not sure if you used the computer option or the drive option? 

Do you use Key words?  I have found another funny glitch.  If the Key word is not the first word in the text the autoreply does not work.  It is also sensitive to accent which I figured out a while back.  Not sure if others have experienced FrontlineSMS not recognizing Keyword if it is not first in message or if there is a way that this can be changed? 

We will touch base when you return. 



Inconsistent receipt of text messages

Has anyone had issues with not receiving all messages?  I have had a few patients indicate that they send messages on a regular basis and we are not receiving all.  Today a patient came in to pick up medication and indicated that she had sent question via text which we did not receive. She showed me the message on her phone.  We received messages from other patients during the same time frame.  That is, program was up and running.  This is not the first time we have been told this but is first time seeing the verification of text sent from a patient phone which we did not receive.

We still have issue with messages going to modem/provider software.  Checked in modem/provider software and messages not received there either.  Previously I disabled modem/provider software autorun using the application provided by Domingo. Unfortunately after setting up we were not able to send or receive messages so I had to disable and we are back to where we were before -> when computer is turned on, modem plugged in messages go directly to modem/provider software and not FrontlineSMS upon activation. If I elect not to run the modem/provider software the modem is recognized in 'Working Devices' in FrontlineSMS and messages show that they are being 'sent'  but they are not delivered.  We test this with study phone.  When I restart and run modem messages are then delivered/received.  However it is interesting, or rather frustrating, that the FrontlineSMS platform shows that messages are sent even when they are never delivered.  Also shows messages are delivered when there is no longer credit left rather than indicating not delivered. 

Therefore not sure where the source of the problem is?

Any suggestions/recommendations greatly appreciated

Thank you


Hi Sarah,

Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry to hear you've been having these problems. There are a few factors which can get in the way of FrontlineSMS receiving messages. Your SIM card could be full, so you could try deleting all messages stored on your SIM. Another common issue is the modem software grabbing messages before they are received in FrontlineSMS, in which case its be best to shut the modem software down completely, or change the settings so the modem doesn't remove messages after reading. You mention you've tried this approach; just to check, do you ensure the modem is still set to send and receive when you start the software back up? (You can check this by right clicking on the device in the phones tab, and selecting to View/ edit details). 

Its a good idea to make sure your SIM has credit by sending a few test messages. Its been discussed before on the forum that the delivery reports functionality does not currently work on all networks and modems, unfortunately, so that could possibly be a problem here. Just to check, which device are you using?

I hope we can help get to the bottom of the issues you're facing here.



Hi Florence,

Thanks for your assistance.  Will be nice to figure out the glitches we are experiencing.

Full SIM card:  I was aware of this issue.  Oddly our SIM shows that it holds only 35 messages.  So I have been saving/exporting messages and then deleting.

Modem software grabbing messages: Yes I would say this is what is happening for messages received prior to computer started-up and FrontlineSMS opened.  When start up computer/put in modem will select ‘run software’ and then close modem software window but if a message was sent earlier in the morning will go to modem directly and not FrontlineSMS. Like I indicated before if I don’t select run software than I am unable to send/receive texts.  And have tried disabling autorun with same result. What is another way to “shut the modem software down completely”? Modem is still set to send and receive when start the software up and both are checked in the phone Working Devices.

Credit: I am able to access credit amount on-line through provider and I do use a study phone to test.  I was aware that FrontlineSMS does not keep track of credit remaining (other than for a few services i.e. Clickatell) but I was not aware that program would indicate message sent when it could not be delivered.    

The device we are using is Zoom 7.2M Tri-Band Modem and Movistar SIM card.

Thanks again!


Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your reply. Sounds like you've tried various approaches here. Would you be able to send along your logs? - You can do this via the Help>Submit Error Report in FrontlineSMS - and I'll ask our developer team if they are able to look into what may be happening in your system to stop messages coming through.

All the Best


Hi Sarah,

Our developers have now taken a look at your logs but I'm afraid that we are still not 100% clear on the problem here.

Just to check, are you using your SIM card for other things, as well as with FrontlineSMS?

One thing noticed is that the modem you are using is not one that the FrontlineSMS team has done any extensive testing with. I wonder, where did you purchase the modem you're using? It may be worth testing with a Huawei E series modem instead (the E173 is the one we use in the office), if possible, to see if this helps you overcome some of these issues. The problem could be the result of the specific software that comes with the modem you're using.

Apologies that we're not immediately able to solve the issue here, but if you could do some testing with an alternative modem this may help get to the bottom of this.

Please do let us know how you get on, and if we can be of further help.



Hi Florence,

We do not use the SIM card for anything else.  I will see if I can purchase the modem you recommend here and get back to you. If any other thought surfaces please let me know.





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