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Hello all,


I'm working with a group in Haiti that conducts Mass Drug Administrations (MDAs) in the treatment and elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis. There is interest in using SMS to communicate with the community health workers and volunteers that help run these clinics. I'd be interested in speaking with anyone currently working in Haiti in the health sector, who has also deployed FrontlineSMS.


thanks in advance,


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Hi Tom


Good to hear from you!


If you search for "Haiti" in the "Members" and "Forum" sections of the community, you'll get a list of people who are working there (or have worked there). You could then send them a direct message and ask.


Let us know if you have no joy and we'll see if we can help move things along.





Thanks Ken. I'll give that a try.


all the best,

Hi Tom, I'm working with an INGO in Haiti and exploring the use of FrontlineSMS in environmental health interventions like point-of-use water chlorination. (See for more.) Good to meet you. How can we help?


Very best,


David, thanks for contacting me. Quite a nice write up on a great project and I love the clever use of NFC and RFID tags...Confirming that a certain bucket (for a particular family) has been visited is key to metrics. Of course the integration with FrontlineSMS makes this even more effective in gathering data from the field, using Forms. Interesting project.

I see that DSI is based in Leogane, this is also where our Notre Dame Hait Program is centered, they work in conjunction with Hopital St. Croix on the treatment and elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis. While we have had discussions with them about using SMS to communicate in real time the availability of the drugs at the MDA clinics, we are trying to solve some administrative challenges first to demonstrate quick wins.

One item we are working towards is using Digicel Tcho Tcho Mobile for payments to factory workers, then ultimately the CHW's and volunteers with the MDA's. This would drastically reduce the risk involved with paying so many workers in addition to speeding up the payment process.

So that's essentially where we are, and if we ever get to the point of a FrontlineSMS deployment, I'd love to talk more. I am seeing a great deal of information on recommended carriers and modems to use in Haiti so that background info should prove helpful.


thanks again David,


Hi David,


I hope you are good and your work with DSI is going well. It sounds like you were able to meet up with our ICT guy in Haiti Mr. Wesly Pierre about FrontlineSMS. We will be traveling to Haiti next week, and if you are in Leogane, I'd be pleased to meet you. We are finalizing our schedule, but will be between Port-au-Prince and Leogane ver 8 days. While there, we will be doing training on FLSMS and discussing its use for MDA's.

If you are available, between 11/9 - 11/17 let me know.


best regards,

Hi Tom, yes things are good, thank you.

I'm back in the US (short trip!) but we did meet with Wesley and heard about the Notre Dame work. I was attempting to get in touch with Adam White about using FL Forms in our work. As of now our apps are still just custom J2ME apps and we parse the received SMS text ourselves with a little R script before doing further analysis in Excel. Integrating with FL Forms would be great.

Adam is in Leogane now, I think, and I was urging a mtg with him and with our partner, Michael Ritter, of Deep Springs/Gadyen Dlo, in Leogane. It would be great if you could join!

Maybe send a quick message to me (@holstius on Twitter) or contact Florence Scialom (@floscialom, FLSMS Community Support Coordinator) for Adam's contact info? I can send you Michael's # in Haiti. I can also be reached at david.holstius (at either or


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