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I want to set up "implementation of a flat INTELIGENTE form for information about the disease," it is what in short: a nurse sends a number to the name of a disease and return the automatic unattended server it returns the symptoms of the disease and the drugs that can treat, thank you for helping me I would do to assist nurses in rural areas
thank you for guiding me in particular:
how-ness interact frontline SMS and database
-how to meet automaiquement message from a keyword?

Your guidance will be welcome for the implementation of this project
E-mail: thank you in advanc

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Good luck! I need to learn more form your success and challenges when you are done with your project

Hello again,

I hope that my message linking you with the API methods was of use?  Setting up a web service of some sort that can query a database, and having that handle message triggering (receiving and sending) through the API calls, has proved successful in many other projects.

You can then continue to manage the messages sent within the Frontline interface.

Good luck,



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