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Hi everyone, 

I wanted to open up a thread regarding FrontlineSMS:Medic's new patient and health worker management plugin, PatientView. 

Here's a link to a video demo, screenshots, and download instructions for the beta version:

We greatly appreciate any feedback!


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Great news Josh. Thanks for posting! I will give this a look soon.
tried to install it on a mac and it wouldn't start up and every time I start just says there is an error... I've downloaded it twice, made sure java was up to date and still not had any success
Hey Joel -- thanks for the note. I'll point the developers to this post, but you can also report your problem to


Joel, if you email us a detailed list of the steps that you took as well as your FrontlineSMS.debug.log (found in your FrontlineSMS folder/logs) then we can definitely help you out. I'm sorry it wasn't painless for you. My Skype name is dieterichlawson if you'd like to discuss this further.
Thanks for your help - everything is working well now :) looking forward to some tests...
Hi John..thanks for posting...John, I want to ask you another case in flsms plug in. I found the reminder plug in to flsms, would you please to give us the tutorial or step by step way to apply the plug in (esp the reminder plug in)? And is the same way to apply this patientview plug in? thanks you very much for supporting us john! ^^
Currently the only way to 'apply' plugins is by getting a build of FrontlineSMS containing the plugin in question. As far as I know, the developer of the Reminders plugin hasn't released a build like that. His name is Dale Zak, and I think he's on these forums...
thanks dietrich! i also asked to dale in his site for reminder plugin, and dale toll me that the reminder feature flsms will be include to the future release...
I'm sure he's right, but if you're in serious need of a copy of it, I can get you one. What operating system are you running?
Thanks Dietrich for your support. Our operating system is Windows XP SP2. Once again, many thanks dieterich... :)
Hi Josh,
I have just installed frontlinesms:medic on my netbook with ubuntu v10.04. I have tried to use the patientview module, but it requires a username and password. Where can I get them?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Homer,

The login credentials were all created when you first started up the software, on the dummy data creation screen. If you didn't change any of the settings, then the administrator username/password should be aHarsha/medic. If you changed the user creation settings, then the username/password should be root/toor.


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