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Hi everyone, 

I wanted to open up a thread regarding FrontlineSMS:Medic's new patient and health worker management plugin, PatientView. 

Here's a link to a video demo, screenshots, and download instructions for the beta version:

We greatly appreciate any feedback!


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Thanks Dietrich! I am now able to log-in to the module.
Another question if you don't mind..
Where can I get a manual for the module? Or is there a website or tutorial explaining its capabilities and how to use it?
Hello Josh,

I have been testing the Patient View plug-in and it is really exciting. I am currently working in Kasoa, Ghana and am seeing if it could be implemented here.

I wonder if there is a way to get FLSMS reminders to work with Patient View? I've also briefly tried to get an MMS message sent to an e-mail inbox connected to FLSMS: Medic and haven't had any luck. Is this my fault, or can that not be done yet?

I'd love to get all these features to work together, it would create an extremely powerful tool. Any help is appreciated. Congratulations on the application thus far!

Thank you,
Hi Lucas,

Great to hear you've been testing PatientView -- we really appreciate feedback.

Regarding integrating reminders with PV, I'll let Dieterich comment; he's been planning new functionality that relates to your idea. Regarding MMS, it should work! Check through in case something small is off. Also, I've only ever tested MMS by sending the MMS to an email address directly (in place of a phone number), as opposed to emailing a photo attachment to the email address.


Hello Dieterich,

I wonder if it's possible for me to get a build of FrontlineSMS with Patient View and Reminders? It would be greatly appreciated in Kasoa, Ghana. We're running windows 7 starter.
I'm having trouble mapping submitted forms to the corresponding patients in PatientView. When a form is submitted via SMS, it shows up under "Results" in the Forms tab, but it does not show up under the list of submitted forms in Administration > Map Submitted Forms. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem?

Hey Eddie, 


I've flagged this for the Medic Mobile dev team, but if you send a quick email to we'll sort this out and then post a solution here. 




Hey Josh,

I met with Nadim in April and he said that Dieterich was working on another version of PatientView to be released in May that would incorporate a vaccine module and possibly reminders. We are currently deploying a PV installation at a public health center in Uganda as part of a maternal health program (which would benefit greatly from a reminders plug-in), but we're a bit stuck, as we do not have a basic PV system that works yet (we are still using the first beta release from June 2010 on Ubuntu Linux).


I'm having a bit of trouble getting in touch with the dev team -- do you have a newer version of PV that we could try?


Thanks, and be well!


Hi realize this post is a bit old but I am having the same issue I am using PV/FLSMS however. Were you ever able to have the results show up under the list of submitted forms in Administration?

If so would you mind telling me how?

Thanks and regards


Hi Anthony

Thanks for getting in touch about this. I will forward your request onto the Medic Mobile team, and see if they're able to help here.

All the Best


Thank you Flo,

If we can get the form responses mapped to the patients it would complete our system. And we can proceed to testing some scenarios. 

Thank you and best regards,


Hi Anthony,

Send me an email at eddie(at) I'll get my programmer in the conversation, and we can try some things. (I don't remember the specifics myself.)




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