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 This one is for all who may want to use the Web Connection feature on version 2 to trigger HTTP requests. Our lead developer wrote a nice guide with sample code on how to set this up. Read all about it here


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I'm trying to use the web connection example without success ( Please advice. I did the following steps
1) Create a webconnection
a) In the main frontlinesms pag go to "Create new activity"
b) In the Create new activity: select type window, select Web Connection.
c) In the Select Web service or application window, select "other web service"
d) In the Configure Service windows:
i) Enter your URL: I put the same IP as the frontlinesms program. Example
ii)In the Select HTTP Method: I selected GET
iii) In the Configure information sent to the server, I left it as default.
e) In the Expose Api section I select Enable API an the Api Secret Key 123
f) In the Process messages Automatically using a keyword, I selected Do not use a keyword
g) The final windows is shown in the picture12
2) Ubuntu php
a) I installed Ubuntu 14.10 server, apache2 and php5
b) I tested apache and php using phpinfo() command view picture13
c) I copy the example files from (
d) In the sms_api.php file I changed parameters as follows

$url = "";
$secret = "123"; // Set the secret here
e) I ran index.php without success

Please advice, I want to know where is my mistake?


Frontlines sms was installed in a windows 8.1 machine with IP
php environment was intall in a VM Ubuntu 14.10 with IP


Dear Anne:

Thanks to the thread "The FrontlineSMS Web Connection API", I could confirm that the web service setup is correct.

I will install another php environment in order to test the integration

Hi Martin, 

Thanks for the feedback, great to hear that you have managed to resolve this!.  Please share with other users the outcome of the PHP integration, it will be very useful to all who are interested in this kind of set up.  



Dear Anne:

The link in your main post is broken http://http//



Where can I get version 2.5.8? The current 2.6 for desktop does not have option to create web connection.


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