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hello Wonderful Frontline people of the world!

i am so enjoing frontline- we have launched in malawi and kenya. as my bio says i work for farmer voice radio and we run a program that assists radio stations in creating agricultural programs informed by small hold farmers, composed of interivews from these farmers and driven by their direct needs. we work with 6 radio stations in kenya and 7 in malawi and intend to expand to Tanzania, Uganda, Mali, Ghana - throughout this year. i run the Regional MER (Monitoring, Evlauation and Reporting) division for the project and also oversee our research systems component of the project. so i would be most eager to work with someone who i can design a survey with (let me know what questions you want asked) and apply it to the radio stations in january. we would also be more than happy to pilot the new frontline for radio at some stations- when its ready.
please let me know how we could be of assistance in developing this product further.

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Hi Tracey,

The FrontlineSMS:Radio team are drawing up a survey to gauge opinion on the features and functionalities we're thinking about. We'll be sending it out after the Christmas break in 2011. If I send you a draft of the survey questions, you could have a look over and we can add other Qs you think would be interesting/helpful. Does this sound ok?

Happy Holidays,


Sure- no problem, send it whaewn ever you are ready.  Designing surveys is what I do for a living so I will be happy to check it for face and concurrent validity as well. Just so you are sure that the answers you get are accurate and usable.


Chat soon


Traceyleigh Wastell

Research Systems Coordinator

072 353 4272


Thanks Traceyleigh,

I've got a draft that I could send through. Could I get your e mail?




Hello Tracey,


I am very curious about what your doing.  Any developments that you can share?  How did you started this project?


Can we exchange emails?  Here's mine:


Thanks a lot.




Hi Traceyleigh

I'm keen to introduce folks at Farmer Voice Radio to Freedom Fone - Can you let me have contact details for the relevant person in your organisation? Write to me at info [at] freedomfone [dot] org.



Hi Karim

We're looking to do something similar for Freedom Fone and would value having sight of your draft. Would you mind sending it to me at info [at] freedomfone [dot] org?



Hi Brenda,

Unfortunately Karim has moved on from FrontlineSMS now so I hope you don't mind me replying on his behalf. The survey is still live and you can find it here:


It is designed for those using FrontlineSMS at local or community radio stations. It's been part of our final push to capture experiences and ideas to incorporate into the design and development of FrontlineSMS:Radio. We have encouraged Radio station personnel, as well as those working with radio stations, who have been using FrontlineSMS to take the survey. 


I would appreciate any comments you may have and all the best with the development of your survey. 


All the best, 

Amy \~/

Hi Amy

Many thanks for replying to me in Karim's stead. I'll certainly let you know if I have something useful to contribute regarding the survey.

Best wishes


This new technology fascinates me so much and am happy to hear that  your have introduced in several countries including Uganda. Am working in Nakaseke Community Radio in Uganda  and I would like to introduce this technology into our  services. from what I have been reading I believe it will impact on my Rural community.

But the question is how do I  start?

Dear Balaba, 

Great to hear from you and your work in Nakaseke Community radio! We're developing a version of FrontlineSMS customised for radio stations (see and I'd be delighted to invite you to take part in the trial! I will email you soon with full details. 

Kind Regards,


UNECA has put a small fund for Telecentres to introduce a New  web based technology, and  I thought of Introducing the frontlinesms as a unique service to my community. However, the deadline in just near on  23rd of January.

what I devise do you give me and do if you know an expert in Uganda  I 'll be glad to get in touch with him/her as soon as possible.


Thanks for the further detail, Peter. I wonder if any other FrontlineSMS users in Uganda can help? Try searching the forum to get in touch. You can find information about devices here


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