FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

FrontlineSMS:Learn has "The world is your classroom" 

FrontlineSMS:Legal has "Justice, mobilised"


But FrontlineSMS:Radio needs a tagline...


Please help us to brainstorm a one line phrase which sums up FrontlineSMS:Radio or let us know what you think about some of the ideas we've already come up with: 


Turning transmission into interaction 
Citizens live-on-air 
Empowering audiences to listen and react. 

Giving radio listeners a voice. 


Thanks for your input \~/




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I think the last option is great (or some variation of it e.g. "A voice for radio listeners"). shAirwaves is kind of awesome but in my opinion too cheesy for a serious organization. I suspect Citizens live-on-air would be difficult to translate or understand for those who speak English as a second language. My perspective on the first option is that in the health sector in Africa the word 'transmission' is mostly used in the context of HIV, unless you explicitly say what else is being transmitted.

Hi Isaac, 


Thanks so much for your input, this is exactly the kind of opinion we're looking for!  Especially when you think about a project so much it can be easy to overlook what someones' first impressions may be! 


Website is nearly ready for launch now - exciting stuff! 


Amy \~/

Listening to your Voice.


Probably too late now but never mind. Just joined.  



Thanks Colin! Welcome to the group! We actually went with something very similar


FrontlineSMS:Radio. Giving Radio Listeners a Voice. \~/


So do you work in radio?



Hi Amy
PFP make educational and humanitarian films for the developing world. I'm really keen to see how SMS can be incorporated into development film work.
We recently made an HIV drama for young people in Malawi.
I see from the site you spent some time in Malawi. Would love to hear how SMS is going there. I am developing a second project for 2012/13 and looking for partners to come on board. It's pretty clear it will be agricultural based. The Archers for Malawi - sort of! (joke)
If you have any thoughts on possible partners please do get in touch.  I'll keep you posted in case we're of any use to you on the radio. (Not tuned in yet so not sure of formats etc) Will tune in this weekend.
Thanks Amy

Colin, I replied to your comment on the main page. Your project sounds great! Another idea is to actually search the forum for contacts based in Malawi to share their ideas. Check out this thread for instance


Thanks Amy will do so. Good idea. This is very exciting although a little daunting.


All the best



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