FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

For the past few months, the new product from the 
FrontlineSMS:Credit team, 
PaymentView, has been out in beta and 
available for download!

This thread is specifically for user support requests for PaymentView. If you need technical support, please add a new comment to this discussion and we will work with you to help resolve any issues you are facing. We're hoping to keep all support requests and responses here as a resource for other users.

PaymentView is a software application that allows users to send, receive and manage mobile money transactions using a laptop and a GSM modem. Our goal is to make it easy for organizations to get started using mobile money in their work, decreasing operational expenses and increasing efficiency. PaymentView tracks all sent and received payments, providing access to real-time data about transactions that can easily be exported as a .csv file for financial reporting or further analysis. In addition, PaymentView helps you to manage short-term credit, installment payment plans and accounts receivable. The software is pre-configured to work with M-PESA in Kenya but can be adapted to work with many other payment systems around the world.

PaymentView is not a full release but a ‘beta’ release, which means it is in a testing stage of development. It is important that users understand that we cannot take responsibility for loss of data or malfunction and we are only able to provide limited user support and resources at this time. We are currently seeking organizations that want to partner with us to test the software in real-life situations (we’re focusing on Kenya, but are open to partners from any country). Please contact us via our 
contact form or send an email to for more information or if you have questions or concerns. We do appreciate your feedback, and it will help to shape future versions of our software.

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Hello there im planning to launch an online music sore and i would like users to pay via sms. Can this software be adapted for Orange Money which we use in Senegal. I will be very interested to to test this software if ever it can workmwith Orange Money. Thank you


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