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How does Next2 differentiate from FrontlineSMS?

The Next2 solution aims to provide the same as FrontlineSMS does or shall we say FLSMS+Ushahidi does with the location based services. It seems to eliminate the keep it simple keep it local aspect.

"App for Ag. User-Generated Content Sharing?

The solutions is similar to how…


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Create Awesome SMS APP with External Command.(Tutorial PART 2)


Hi Friends!

I'm back with next part of our 'Awesome SMS APP' , In this part we'll add some functionality to our app.

First off, today let me tell that what we'll be doing with our app.We'll use our app to register users for our service. On sending a message to our Service Number ( Or your mobile phone number ), the sender will be automatically registered. If he is…


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Create Awesome SMS APP with External Command.(Tutorial PART 1)



Hi Friends!

Some time ago I was looking for resources for 'How can we build an app with FrontlineSMS external command?'. I learned it from many different websites and Frontline team also helped me a lot. Now I want to…


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SMS limits per mobile carrier

While working on the Android port of FrontlineSMS, I currently come across the question, what the limits for SMS delivery are (per hour and per day) - and when you would need to consider a bulk service like IntelliSMS. It affects the way the software needs to be designed, and we might need to put a delay between each SMS in order not to hit the limit too fast.


The Android platform itself limits SMS delivery to 100 per hour, however, it can be circumvented by rooting the phone…


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Conversational ESL on Mobile Web and Apps -- SMS Integration Notes

contentAI studios manage and produce mLearning content for are initially focused on conversational mobile ESL learning.  The platform can integrate with SMS platforms via Post/Get; but, delivery via mobile web means that in-chat stream graphics, animation, video and audio can concurrently be delivered with conversational simulations.


Try it out?


The mobile URLs of the initial products…


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Can text messaging change the world?

As technology evolves, it can often seem like the digital divide is growing larger. As estimated 51% of American households have a PC while in some poorer or developing nations that statistic drops to sometimes lower than 2%. With such a chasm between us, one might be tempted to think that the developing world has been all but left out of the digital age, but a visit to most of those places would revel something that has leveled the playing field and, some would argue, even saved lives:… Continue

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Our mission at AMIS-CAMEROON is to inform and connect actors with capacity and needs. We believe that an informed community would make wise decisions based on their knowledge of where to sell and where to buy.

The principal objective of AMIS-CAMEROON is to connect farmers directly to available markets and consumers via instant SMS messaging. Farmers and consumers shall receive information relating to their expressed needs. AMIS-CAMEROON shall get information from public… Continue

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