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I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Chamath A. from our FrontlineSMS community. We had the chance to collaborate over lunch. We discussed the implementation of the Eway Foundation/Media and Global Tech's Ethical Citizen Media project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The project will officially begin next week with the training of our first group of "On-The-Ground" practitioners. The idea is to start with a basic mass-text messaging system for Ground Teams, and eventually equip several Lead Practitioners or Train-The-Trainers, with more capable smart-phones to record video to upload to currently operating social media sites. Obstacles exist in the consistent availability of a wireless internet signal. A milestone was figuring out how to conceal the smart-phone devices, as to prevent the practitioner from standing out in the crowd, or being a target. Through our partnerships with several NGO's in Kenya, and Bukavu, we will train practitioners via Web 2.0 and social media. Our second phase objective of the project includes the configuration of FrontlineSMS incorporating batch-coding and editing of data. Application features (quick subscriptions and group-hibernation, background apps, ethical procedures, and aggregate features), will be improved throughout implementation of the project. Personally, I am excited about the project starting. The integration of FrontlineSMS in other settings has proven to be effective, minus a few kinks. I continue to learn more about the operational use, and benefits of mass communication with FrontlineSMS. My plan is to arrive in Africa at the appropriate time, and assist practitioners with Web 2.0, FrontlineSMS, and Ethical Citizen Media training. Thanks to FrontlineSMS, the project is progressively doing what it was designed to do- empower people, and increase citizen participation. 

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