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In Kenya - tried three different GSM modems with FLSMS that don't work

These are the three devices I regularly use to access the Internet in Kenya:


ZTE MF637U (safaricom GSM modem) -- the white one

ZTE AC2726 (orange GSM modem) -- can't find an accurate image of this anywhere.


Huawei U8150-D (also known as the google Ideos phone) -- the pink phone

So I figured I would give it a shot and see if any of them worked with FLSMS. None were detected by version None are listed on the approved devices list ( I wish there was a list of "unapproved" devices - ones that have been tested at least once just like I did now, so that people can make more educated decisions about hardware. (This experiment took me just 15 minutes.)


As a side note, EVERY time I've tried to buy into a mobile network (safaricom and orange) the vendor has not had an approved device for sale.  Huawei GSM modems are always "out of stock" and even this Ideos smart phone (with a GSM-tethering feature) made by Huawei wasn't detected. It would be nice to see a technical note on why some models work and others don't, even from the same manufacturer.


I also believe that these two modems are the most common in Kenya now - both are made by ZTE and are the cheapest on the market. So would be a priority to get these models working. Both support SMS through other applications, but not via FLSMS, sadly.


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Comment by Bethel Goka on February 7, 2013 at 1:36pm

Thanks mate. Does anyone know whether Ideos works with frontlinesms2_windows_2.2.1 ?

Comment by Wayan Vota on February 12, 2012 at 7:26am

Thanks for saving me 15 minutes to do this test myself with my own pink IDEOS phone. 

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