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HI memebers am new to FLSMS. i got it working well just curious to know the maximum number of sms to be using the huawei 3G modem and its working pretty good.will an influx of sms reduce the response time in auto replies? and after exporting the sms (es) can you import them backn thirdly can one export group contacts to excel and reimport them ? please help

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Comment by AMWATAH PAUL on December 7, 2010 at 11:43am
hi people, could anyone pliz help in the use of external commands in auto reply and database intergration. i am not a programmer perhaps thats why i am experiencing a bit of problems. we want to use FLMS in sending the academic grades/marks of students to parents who wishes to know the performance of their children in school. the system we want looks like this:
1. a database is designed with tables on student's name,subjects taken by the student,marks and general grade.
2. student results are posted to the database by the subject teachers via SMS where they are automatically updated to the relevant fields.
3. when a parent wants to know the student's results, hed/she just sends an SMS either with the students or name. and the results are sent via the autoreply feature. PLIZ HELP. my email is :
Comment by Linet Kwamboka on September 30, 2010 at 3:11pm
to add on to what Ken says on his #1 make sure you have enough credit in your modem else if you have no credit and have some sms'es pending, this may interfere with even the incoming ones so this becomes functionless.

on the number of sms'es yes you can send a bulk, any number you want, but i think its safer to send them in chunks of say 5 or 10 at max sometime the network might not support sending too many sms'es and some may be lost. this is entirely a network problem. sometimes it does and others not. better to be safe i guess.
Comment by kiwanja on September 8, 2010 at 3:12am
Hi Paul

1. You can send as many SMS as you like, as long as you have the credit to pay for them on the modem.

2. If FrontlineSMS has to read a large number of incoming SMS then it may slow down sending a little, but this shouldn't be too much.

3. You can export and import data, yes. Read the "Help" files for details of how to do that - everything you need should be there.


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