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Dear Colleagues,

Merry Christmas all of you. I installed successfully FrontlineSMS and managed to create forms. My mobile phone is 2330 classic and it is supported to use forms. When I send a form to my mobile phone, I receive a message notifying that I received a new form but when I check the form through the frontlinesms form client from my mobile phone, the system says that "they are currently no forms stored on this handset". When I send a request from my phone through the module "Get New Forms", the mobile phone sends a message to the frontlinesms application on my computer and the message received is saying this "

AAI+gCUAAAICAQEGArp98kxsiAFcJQ0CAAA=" I need help to understand what is going on; why my phone is not receiving the form sent through the Frontlinesms application?

Thank you


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Comment by kiwanja on December 25, 2010 at 6:16am

Hi Maurice


Sorry to hear you're having problems here. Have you been through the "Help" files to make sure you're setting everything up correctly? Are you using the full international code with your contact numbers (+xx)? And have you searched through the Forum for other posts from people who have had this problem? There is likely to be an answer there somewhere - if so you can always contact those people directly to ask what they did.


Our support team will only be online occasionally until the new year, so if you can work through all the options yourself that might be quicker. If not, you're best to wait until the start of the year and then post a new topic in the "Forum", not as a Blog.


Hope you manage to solve this!



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