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PING: Simple keyword to check if FLSMS is working

I have a number of installations of FLSMS running in my Lab at the University of Alberta and I often need to check to make sure they are operational.  (The problem is rarely with FLSMS and more often with Windows crashing)


I've created a simple keyword method for checking the status of FrontlineSMS without the need to go to my Lab (especially useful late at night or on weekends).  I create a keyword called PING that sends an autoreply to my phone indicating that FLSMS is working.  

The reply message is something like this: "FLSMS +1780.222.4567 is working."  With the digits representing the phone number of the phone or modem (useful because i have more than one unit operating in the lab).  


It also sends an email to a gmail account and a protected Twitter account to confirm that those channels are also working.


Using a dedicated keyword like PING means I can check the installation "silently" without interfering with the other users of the system.


This makes it easy for me to confirm that the system is online and working for my community users and grad students.  In the event it goes down I still usually need to go to the Lab but the PING function is a good way to check the system.



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