FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

I have been using FrontlineSMS here in Tanzania for an NGO I volunteer for .  Some things I learnt through experience:
- when you put in a modem often the modem's own software starts (the software you use to connect to the internet).  Unfortunately the modem software also has a SMS facility.  If this software is running sometimes the SMSes go into that software instead of into FrontlineSMS.  The solution I have found is to ensure I quickly close the modem's own software as soon as I put in the modem.  This also means that you can't browse the internet using the modem at the same time as using FrontlineSMS with the modem.
- you can, however use the internet with another method (eg wireless) while using FrontlineSMS with a modem with the modem's software turned off
- if you put the sim card into a phone in order to buy a bundle of SMSes, sometimes you get SMSes on the phone instead of into the software.  Solution is to put the modem in the computer first ensuring FrontlineSMS is working, any pending SMSes should be received, then put the sim card in the phone and buy the bundle as quickly as possible before taking the sim card out again !
- the operator I am using (Vodacom) - to buy a bundle of SMSes you have to dial a number with "*"s and a "#" at the end and press the dial button.  Maybe it is easier with operators who allow you to buy a bundle via SMS itself then you wouldn't have these problems.

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Comment by kiwanja on November 7, 2011 at 10:49am
Thanks for sharing this, Elaine! Very much appreciated.

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