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At 4:14pm on December 3, 2013, salman aziz memon said…

this is my email address...............

At 4:13pm on December 3, 2013, salman aziz memon said…

i recieve an error when i save the file in csv please help i am using FLSMS Kiwanja version 1.6

At 11:29pm on November 1, 2011, James Okon said…
Am still having issues sending sms, what else do i need to effect,i need response here! I sent an error report email 5 times already.
At 1:10am on November 1, 2011, James Okon said…
Ken thanks for the quick response am runing on the application...we hope to gain miliage by means of bring the volunteer work force in harmony with the baord and star our project most effectively in the Gap region the state Edo state government can't reach and believe it it is much....however,i will like to invite you and Ushihadi into Nigeria's events and democracy development....
At 1:49pm on October 26, 2011, christian KAKOBA said…
hey kiwanja, thank you very much, i'll put the android work, how are you doing?
At 8:09am on June 28, 2011, Robert Hoyt MD said…

I'm sure that is good guidance. My concern is that we might need a very large intervention and control group to study hypertension, if for example, only 70% had cell phones that could receive SMS, 50% volunteered to participate and there was a 30% attrition rate.

I assume we can batch SMS but I don't know about reverse billing using FrontlineSMS so the recipient would not be charged. Also, I have never attempted a study with SMS. If we ask their blood pressure results, I suppose they could respond with 120 80 or two text messages, one for systolic BP and one for diastolic BP. This is all exploratory so there are a lot of details we need to work out. Thanks for your help

At 4:44am on April 7, 2011, Nalweyiso Olivia Mary said…
Ken you are right on this, the software is 1.26kb. I think this means that it has not loaded well. What should I do to get the full version.Please give me directions
At 4:15am on April 7, 2011, Nalweyiso Olivia Mary said…

Dear Ken,

I have finally installed the software. However I now need guidance on the following. How to attach a phone and a modem. How to save contact numbers and how to send these messages.

At 2:29am on April 7, 2011, Nalweyiso Olivia Mary said…
Please help me I can not seem to load the software. I am using windows 2007. Please get back to me.
At 5:14am on March 21, 2011, Rahul Matkar said…

Hi Ken,

I am using FLSMS with my application in JSP. I am able to send an SMS writing via FLSMS using my jsp code. Now, I have set up a keyword, set an auto reply and an http request for it. The auto reply is sent and the http request shows a hit but the jsp page is not executed. Does anyone has any idea about this problem...?




At 6:03pm on January 11, 2011, Rahul Matkar said…

Hi Kiwanja,


I do plan to develop a stand alone application. All I needed to know is that after setting up the http trigger, what code I need to write in my application in order to connect with FrontLineSMS. I would also like to know whether I can use jsp or php for the application I want to build.




Rahul Matkar

At 3:06pm on January 11, 2011, Rahul Matkar said…

Hi Kiwanja,

I am developing an application titled Ambition for students in Rural India. I need some help regarding the code I need to write in my application to connect to FrontLineSMS. Can I use FrontLineSMS to send and receive sms from my web site built in jsp. If yes, then what are the functions I need to call in my code to make it work. Can I find some sample code for this. 

At 9:06am on March 18, 2010, Nnadi Kevin said…
thanks Ken.
At 6:30am on March 18, 2010, Nnadi Kevin said…
Hey ken, nice work you are doing. local government elections are around the corner here. we would be monitoring it using sms. Chines phones are rampant here with our volunteers, is there any that is adaptable to FrontlineSMS?
At 12:41pm on February 24, 2010, Yishay Mor said…
Of course I was expecting mainly stories about the use of FrontlineSMS, but I thought I'd keep the question open.
I want stories from across the board - not just education. Do you still think i should move my post?

In fact, we're running a workshop in Lagos next Monday, and I was planning on headlining FrontlineSMS (hence the question on modems / phones). So I was hoping you could help me get one or two juicy stories. I've had a look at the case studies on the blog. My feeling is that they are a bit promotional - i.e. they go a long way in convincing me that I should use frontlineSMS, but don't tell me enough about how to do it right, including the problems I should expect and how I might deal with them. The changemakers guide does a good job there, but almost too good if you know what I mean - its very detailed and structrued and requires a serious read. I'm looking for one or two stories of the form "I wanted to do X, I thought frontlineSMS would be the right tool because Y, so I did a, b, c then got hit by Z and figured out I need to do d, e, f, finally all was good"

While we're at it, can I have the beta version, the one with the embedded Ushahid tab etc?

At 7:27am on February 23, 2010, Nyumba Tobias Ochieng said…
Hi Ken, my modem seems to be sending out (forms) and receiving texts well. But my phone Nokia 3110 does not receive the forms. I have downloaded and set up the frontlinesms form client on the phone successfully, but when I try to start the programme upon receiving the msg from the modem, it returns an error message.
At 5:38am on February 21, 2010, Binu Jacob said…
Hello !

Is it possible to integrate a web base SMS site with Frontlinesms. People at smsgupshup are asking for API. Being a non-technical person I am not able to do anything about it.

At 3:46am on November 17, 2009, Abdul said…
Hi kiwanja,

Thanks for your information. Now I have updated my profile to describe more about what I need. Appreciate if you could help me.
At 6:32am on September 25, 2009, John Chibuye said…
Please help me community in lusaka Zambia.My mobile is +260977488964.
At 5:22am on September 9, 2009, Deep said…
Issues with W Vista and Mac?

Hi Ken,

I have been struggling with FSMS for long time now.I use a macbook with W vista also installed on it.

I purchased a Motorola L6i but as I could not get the cord here I could not use it.
Leter I purchased a sonyerricson W200 but as it does have drivers for Vista or Mac I could not use it too.

I tried some locally available GSM modems too but could not connect to the FSMS.

Finally I also purchased wavecom modem which was expensve and difficult to get.

Now I am still struck as FSMS could not connect to the modem both on Mac and vista sides.

Can you please let me know how to configure with Mac or Vista. I am not sure if auto -detect function can work.

I was successfull when I tried on freinds XP but all the systems in my reach are either Mac's or Vista.

Looking for your support. I send the log also recently.
I was very excited that some one is heping the community with such free FSMS and support but nowit is equally frustating as I have already spent significant time but not successfull.


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